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Gervasio Noailles
Gervasio Noailles
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Gervasio took a postgraduate course in Community Social Psychology in the School of Psychology at the University of Buenos Aires and holds a PhD. degree in Social Sciences. He is part of the Mental Health team at Centro de Estudios Legales y Sociales as well as working as a professor and researcher at the Univesrity of Buenos Aires.
In his free time, and whenever his tight agenda allows him to do so, he enjoys his other passion: swimming. He meets his team mates and trainer three times a week.

3rd in his category 5 km., Colón, 2011.
4th in his category 3 km., Ezeiza, 2011.
12th in his category 9 km., Baradero, 2011.
2nd in his category 3km., Pilar, 2010.
3rd in his category 3km., Pilar, 2009.
6th in his category San Pedro, 2009.
5th in his category Baradero, 2009.
3rd in his category 3 Km., Chascomús, 2008.
5th in his category San Pedro, 2008.
9th in his category 9km., Baradero, 2008.

Gervasio Noailles 
Esquina inferior izquierda Esquina inferior izquierda
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