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María Del Carmen Maubecin
María Del Carmen Maubecin
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I was born in downtown Buenos Aires and lived in Saenz Peña until the age of twenty-three. At present, I live in Floresta.
I have always loved the water, and although I went swimming to different pools at community clubs – one of them was ¨Defensores de Santos Lugares¨- I had never really taken swimming lessons until 1993 when I started at Club Almagro and decided I would take some swimming lessons calmly, that is to say, I was not interested in passing to the following level. Yet, time came when I had to do so and that is when I met a “select” group of wonderful swimmers and beautiful people. And that is how, as time went by, they made me get enthusiastic about training for open waters.
I am very glad of sharing this part of my life with them; besides, I would not be able to do it without my husband’s unconditional support, Alejandro.
I work for a company far away from the city and in my free time, I devote myself to pampering two cats which I adore – my nephews and nieces are already old enough to pamper.

4th in her category 9 km.,(01:12.56) Baradero 2015.
5th in her category 9 km.,(0:32.08) Baradero 2014.
2nd in her category 8 km., Maratón Acuática "Náutico San Pedro" 2014.
1st in her category 7 km. (1:24.04),"El Reencuentro de los Delfines" San Pedro 2013.
1st in her category 8 km., (1:44.32) Maratón Acuática "Náutico San Pedro" 2013.
3rd in her category 9 km.,(1:15.53) Baradero 2013.
2nd in her category 7,5 km. “Maratón 2 Orillas”, Paraná river, 2013.
3rd in her category 7 km., "El Reencuentro de los Delfines" San Pedro 2012.
3rd in her category 7 km., "El Reencuentro de los Delfines" San Pedro 2012.
2nd in her category 3 km., Pilar 2011.
5th in her category 3 km., Ezeiza 2010.

María Del Carmen Maubecin  
Esquina inferior izquierda Esquina inferior izquierda
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