Virginia Mazzeo
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Virginia, originally from Avellaneda and Boca Jr. neighbourhoods, comes from a family where all the members are tall. After having enjoyed many nice years studying at the University of Buenos Aires, she spends most of her time working as a graphic designer.
In her free time, she is fond of swimming and also has fun taking tango lessons. She has taken up swimming some years ago when her longtime childhood passion for paddling among the lanes came alive again; and then, she fell in love with open waters. She is a great fan of Beauvoir, Kahlo as well as travelling while learning the cultures of the world. Besides, she tries to have a break by plunging herself into drawing, where her imagination flows in the form of water, fishes and birds followed by the experience of surviving in Buenos Aires, the city where she moved in 2005.

8th in her category 7 km., "El Cruce", San Pedro, 2012.
8th in her category 9 km., Baradero, 2011.
5th in general women race 8 km. and 2nd in her category, Ramallo, 2011.
5th in her category 4 km., V.Gesell, 2011.
5th in her category 9 km., Baradero, 2010.

Virginia Mazzeo 
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