Marcela Visconti
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Her family comes from Santa Fé, a province with many rivers which her parents – back in those old days, and rather daring than experts – used to swim. Some of that essence influenced and drove her to share with her swimming mates the challenge and pleasure of swimming in open waters. More than ten years ago, she decided to go for rock’n’roll but ended up dancing tango, a leisure activity she still does at present. Apart from dancing and dancing, and swimming on and on, she teaches “Analysis and Critic Film Review” at university; and she is nowadays preparing her PhD. thesis on “Argentinean Contemporary Films”.

5th in her category 7 km. (1:14.19) “El Reencuentro de los Delfines”, San Pedro, 2013.
3rd in her category 8 km. (1:30.55) Maratón Acuática Náutico San Pedro 2013.
1st in her category 7,5 km. (1:08.34) “Maratón 2 Orillas”, Paraná river, 2013.
2nd in her category 8 km., Ramallo, 2012.
3rd in her category 7 km. (1:20.34) “El Reencuentro de los Delfines”, San Pedro, 2012.
2nd in her category 7,5 km., “Maratón 2 Orillas”, Paraná river, 2012.
7th in her category category 5 km., Colón, 2011.
9th in her category 9 km., Baradero, 2011.
3rd in her category 5 km., Colón, 2010.
7th in her category 9 km., Baradero, 2010.

Marcela Visconti 
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