Victoria Bredeston
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Victoria, born in a village by the Paraná river in the province of Misiones, moved with her family to the city of Paraná in Entre Ríos, the province where she dived - for the first time - into the small waves of open waters in the backwater at the Paraná Rowing Club – an organization which she adores and where she learnt swimming.
Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the National University of Rosario and being an expertise in Quality Management, she has worked for the Department of the Ombudsman of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires since1986.
In 1995, she took up again her passion for swimming by competing in “Open Waters Santiago River” in 1996 in La Plata. Since then – and being always driven by her desire of improving her performance - she has faced many challenges and had many rewardings; yet, her most important accomplishment must have been making new friends and sharing with them the same passion for the water.
Although she has participated in several river, sea and lagoon competitions, she cannot help mentioning her unconditional love for the river, the guiding thread of her path in life.

3rd in her category 21km. (3:02.40) “Maratón 2 Orillas”, Paraná river, 2013.
2nd in her category 8 km. (1:14.57) “Desafío del Yaguarón”,San Nicolas, 2013.
1st in her category 3.750 km. (41.14) "La Puente a Puente”, la Patagones Viedma, 2013.
1st in her category 7,5 km. “Maratón 2 Orillas”, Paraná river, 2012.
3rd in her category 3,750 km. “La Puente a Puente”, la Patagones Viedma 2012.
1st in her category 3 km. Pinamar, 2012.
4th in her category 10 km. Liebig Colón, 2011.
3rd in her category 9 km. Baradero, 2011.
5th in her category 5 km. Liebig Colón, 2010.
2nd in her category 8 km. “El cruce del Yaguarón”, 2008.
2nd in her category 9 km. Baradero, 2007

Victoria Bredeston 
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