Claudio Benitez
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I have always been good at sports but I began swimming at the age of fourteen in a club in the neighbourhood of Muñiz, where I had a very good performance and I was even offered to take on the lifeguarding course to work in Brazilian beaches. However, this was not possible, since I started working and dating with my present wife, then I got married and gave up swimming to devote my free time to my three daughters. Already a grown-up in his mid thirties, I took up swimming again and participated in races in swimming-pools as a representative of SUTERH, achieving very good results.

In 2009, I began swimming in a group which was already taking part in open water swimming, and because of my competitive nature, I could not but follow them in this challenge. They have become my friends and we motivate among us to keep on participanting in these races - I have even gave up smoking to improve my performance!

Regarding my personal life, I am a building manager, I love my wife and adore my two grandchildren; I take singing lessons from time to time and I love going dancing with my wife.

10th in his category 9 km.(01:06.36)Baradero, 2015.
5th in his category 9 km. (0:29.05)Baradero, 2014.
8th in his category 7 km. (1:11.29) “El Reencuentro de los Delfines”, San Pedro, 2013.
6th in his category 8 km., (1:26.47),Maratón Acuática Náutico San Pedro 2013.
8th in his category 9 km. (1:05:27), Baradero 2013.
9th in his category 7 km. (1:15.39) “El Reencuentro de los Delfines”, San Pedro, 2012.
11th in his category 9 km., Baradero, 2012.
5th in his category 3 km.,Pinamar 2012.
8th in his category 10 km., Colón, 2011.
1st in his category 3 km., Ezeiza 2011.
4th in his category 9 km., Baradero, 2011.
4th in his category 9 km., Baradero, 2010.

Claudio Benitez 
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