Federico Visconti
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Federico studies Image and Sound Design at UBA. In 2009, he opened a bar with a friend on Corrientes Street. Thanks to his stress at work, his doctor advised him wisely on doing either Pilates, yoga or swimming. He did not hesitate to dive into the clear waters of Almagro. He has been swimming and training for open water swimming for the last three years, along with his two sisters and his team mates.

4th in his category 7 km.(1:07.21) , “El Reencuentro de los Delfines”, San Pedro, 2013.
5th in his category, 9 km. (1:01.27)Baradero, 2013.
4th in his category, “Maratón 2 Orillas”, Río Paraná, 2013.
2nd in his category 7 km., “El Reencuentro de los Delfines”, San Pedro, 2012.
4th in his category 8 km., Ramallo, 2012.
7th in his category 9 km., Baradero, 2012.

Federico Visconti 
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